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After death   12 Videos

Aura, Chakras & Kundalini   4 Videos

Cottage of Yogi Anand Ji   1 Videos

Dhyan Kaise Karein ( Meditation Technique )   12 Videos

Guru ji guiding sadhak from British Virgin island   7 Videos

Gyan Chakra   2 Videos

Kantha Chakra Aise Kholen   6 Videos

Kundalini urdhva aise karen   4 Videos

Pranayam   25 Videos

Sadhak Ke Prashna   21 Videos

Sadhakon Ko Sandesh   11 Videos

Shaktipaat   6 Videos

Short Videos (Miscelleneous Topics)   10 Videos

Yam, Niyam   1 Videos




Guided Meditation

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